Support - Partnering with extensive, flexible support.
When you partner with LSV, you'll find there's more to us than products. You'll also receive extraordinary support. We provide our Blue partners with a comprehensive market assessment using our proprietary market assessment tool that helps determine the size and scope of an ancillary product opportunity across key market segments.

In partnering with our company, you will experience a level of support uncommon within our specialty insurance marketplace. Your organization will benefit from thoughtful and customized planning. We work together to share best practices, discuss opportunities, and determine where best to put our mutual resources into action.

Our planning process is backed by periodic market research, quantitative planning tools and, of course, products and services that appeal to our respective markets. This includes comprehensive and unique offerings available to bring to your market—from our Dental4Health® program to value-added packages that appeal to business owners, employees and individuals—you can count a wide range of support being delivered.

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Our research on trends, consumer needs, and resulting value-added products and services will help ensure our collective programs are relevant and meaningful to employers, employees and individual consumers. Our periodic quantitative research, BLUE VIEW, provides predictive outcomes on a variety of topics related to specialty insurance and helps our partners ensure success with new launches and gain improved performance with existing programs.

Our proven Dental4Health® program helps customers improve the overall health and wellness of members and reduces medical expenses. Our approach includes medical, disability, and dental data integration to identify at-risk members, targeted member outreach and member education.

Together, we determine how best to interact with our collective “customers” from a branding perspective. From a process and technology standpoint, we define all functions to best serve your organization—enrolling, billing, conveying product/policy information, serving and reporting outcomes. There are a variety of methods to interact with our organization—from online services to integration with third party systems to coordinated presentation of health and ancillary business through your own system. We share best practices gained from our industry experience and from uniquely working with Blue Cross Blue Shield plans.

Our proprietary opportunity assessment tool, BLUE MARKET, will help determine the size and scope of the ancillary market opportunity across key segments in your market. Our support is flexible and based on your unique situation. All is designed to help our Blue partners, brokers, employees and individuals conduct business effectively and efficiently. Our combined strong work ethic, honesty and integrity ensure you can count on our support. Our processes, technology and continual improvement ensure you can count on our support today and in the years to come.

During the initial implementation, and each year thereafter, your organization will count on ours to lead the planning of ancillary insurance products and services. Planning to improve enrollment, retention, and ensuring the desired member experience occurs with each and every interaction. Our BLUE PRINT planning process forms the template for our success together.

“LSV’s Dental4Health® program is a unique approach that integrates health and ancillary data to improve overall member health and wellness, and reduce medical expenses. It leverages LSV’s technology, medical expertise and state-of-the-art integration of claims data to identify at-risk members. Their approach then engages these members is ways that have delivered double-digit cost reductions related to several high-cost member conditions, including coronary artery disease and pregnancy. LSV helps control risk factors to keep these populations healthier and lower their overall medical costs.”
Tim O’Brien
Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts