Services - Partnering to deliverservices that make a difference.
The services we provide are both an extension of the health insurance offering and our own specialty insurance offering. In all cases, they add value by helping people get through a tough situation. The Life & Specialty Ventures team—along with its underwriting companies and strategic partners—is always ready to serve employers, employees and individuals in times of need.

We provide value-added services that support the health and well-being of insured employees—services that can provide help during challenging times, include:

  • Employee Assistance/Counseling Services
  • Travel Assistance Services
  • Disability/Back-To-Work Assistance

For employers, our Dental4Health® program brings together medical, disability and dental data to identify at-risk employees who can benefit from additional education, helping to improve their overall health and wellness and provide medical savings.

Video on providing quality dental coverage to our customers.Video on providing quality dental coverage to our customers. Providing quality dental coverage to our customers.
“Your LSV team will concentrate on putting our planning process into action for you. We have a thorough implementation process that will accurately deploy your program. It will bring valuable products to market with speed and precision. We are continually working to improve our organization, processes and technology. We are committed to serving our Blue partners, working closely with you to grow, learn and continually improve together.”
Jim Casey
Executive Vice President
& Chief Operating Officer