Products - Partnering with relevant, innovative products.
We are focused on providing a comprehensive offering of innovative product solutions that leverage our technology, processes, experience and medical expertise to make a meaningful difference in customers’ lives. In serving Blue Cross Blue Shield plans, we develop products that extend, enhance, supplement and complement our partners’ businesses.

Through our family of underwriting companies and strategic partners, we maintain a thorough complement of group and individual insurance products across the United States that can be brought to a given market.

Video on the evolution of our company and product offerings. The evolution of our company and product offerings.

We offer more than 20 product platforms—including life, disability, dental, vision, critical illness, accident plans and more. We are continually expanding and enhancing these offerings. Our products, services and support assist brokers/agents in providing cost effective and valuable offerings to their client groups. Our products can be sold consultatively via the employer’s worksite with our call center and website support and more recently through Blue retail storefronts. We examine the “customer experience” from end-to-end and make it easy to enroll, bill, fulfill and serve employers, their employees, and individual consumers.

Our products extend the benefits of health insurance. Many of our programs pay cash directly to the insured to cover additional and often unexpected expenses due to illness or accident. Our products are well designed with easy enrollment and convenient payroll deduction to reach employees at the worksite, by phone, or the web.

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Customers and their eligible family members covered by our Accident Insurance receive supplemental protection to cover the costs of covered accidental injuries occurring both on and off the job. We offer a variety of plans that include: emergency room treatment, follow-up physician visits, physical therapy, hospital confinement and more.

The Critical Illness policy pays a lump sum payment to insured individuals upon the diagnosis of a covered critical illness, which may include cancer, heart attack, stroke, end stage renal disease and more. Coverage is available to eligible family members as well.

Our dental plans ensure our customers receive advanced dental care from skilled, courteous and efficient professionals. Whether they choose our PPO or HMO option, employees and individuals will select a dentist of their choice—a key driver of member satisfaction.

Our Short-Term Disability coverage provides partial income replacement for a limited period of time to eligible customers who may become disabled due to a non-work related illness or injury.

Our Long-Term Disability coverage offers partial income replacement under much of the same eligibility requirements as short term disability plans. However, the benefit duration periods are longer and benefits may include rehabilitation, vocational assistance, family care, survivor benefits and workplace modification.

A Hospital Confinement plan is available for customers and eligible family members who need assistance with deductible and copayment expenses; the plan can also provide supplemental benefits for inpatient hospital expenses.

Life Insurance provides financial protection in the event of an untimely death. Our range of products can extend beyond helping with final expenses, helping a family cope with daily expenses and support for future needs.

Our Accidental Death & Dismemberment policy is a companion coverage option to life insurance. The benefit covers customers who suffer loss of life or dismemberment resulting from a covered accidental inury.

Our comprehensive Vision plan provides first-rate eye care through a network of professional eye care providers. Coverage allows customers and their covered dependents access to eye exams, glasses and contact lenses at an affordable cost.

“You can rely on the LSV team— your team—to introduce new products that increase health insurance penetration rates and customer loyalty. LSV is investing significantly in consumer research and the development of value-added products and services. We’re working together to deploy best practices marketing and consultative sales techniques to maximize growth potential for our partners.”
Julie F. Marshall
Executive Vice President, Sales