Performance - There is no limit to our potential together...
You’ll find there is a lot more to our organization, our underwriting companies, and how we create successful alliances with Blue Cross Blue Shield plans. Our overall performance is one facet. Our products, services, and support are another. Together with an understanding of our strategy, people, processes and technology, you will gain a 360 degree viewpoint on Life & Specialty Ventures and The Power of Partnering.

Our role in performing well as a partner is critical in serving Blue Cross Blue Shield plans. We are working on behalf of the most trusted name in health insurance, and we understand that trust is earned through our performance. At Life & Specialty Ventures, performance expectations are ultimately defined by our partners, brokers, employers, employees and individual customers. Common to all is that we hold ourselves to high standards and look to achieve mutual success with all involved in our market.

The most fundamental aspect of performance includes our promise to pay claims promptly. This is accomplished by having the financial strength and stability to ensure promises are kept. Further, we invest in our people, processes, and technologies to enhance performance today—and build for the future. We are bringing innovation to our products, services, and support. Great performance outcomes provide the positive energy, resources and ability to better serve the needs of our collective “customer.”

At LSV, we are proud of our key performance indicators. We have achieved consistent growth in year-over-year revenue, earnings and surplus. We are consistently recognized for our strong financial performance by A.M. Best and other industry observers. Overall, our financial performance ensures that you will have a reliable and stable partner.

Ward's 50  The Ward Group named USAble Life as a “Ward’s 50” top-performing insurance company. Best's Review  Since 2009, Best’s Review counts USAble Life among the top 25 Life Companies for Group Life. A.M. Best  Our underwriting companies maintain an “A” excellent rating from A.M. Best.