Focus & Approach

Life & Specialty Ventures is strategically positioned to support our Blue Cross Blue Shield partners by providing products and services that complement and enhance their core health insurance offerings.

Focus & Approach diagram

Our business is specialty insurance programs. They extend, enhance, supplement and complement our partners’ business by enhancing the health, well-being, and financial security of members.

You’ll find that we focus on creating and providing the highest value programs that please employers and employees. By offering a platform of well-thought specialty insurance products we improve the value offered in an employee benefits program.


Our approach is consultative and brings significant expertise and experience to the specialty insurance topic. We provide value-added products and services that support the health and well-being of the insured employee.

It all begins with our strategic sales planning process. This process is integral to our success together. LSV considers your unique business and marketing requirements to create a customized program to fit your needs and the needs of employer groups and consumers. Once deployed, we will measure, monitor and report outcomes and continue to thoroughly plan each year together with you.

Our approach also provides unique solutions to the issues of the day. Our
Dental4Health® program uniquely brings together medical, disability and dental data to identify at-risk employees/customers. The solution enables outreach to health insurance members to effectively inform and educate, with the goal of helping to improve the overall health and wellness of customers, thereby reducing medical expenses.

Our expertise within the specialty insurance field, experience in deploying these programs, unique solutions, and deep understanding of our Blue partners’ health insurance offerings—all forge the “power” and specialized capabilities you will gain in partnering with our team.

“Our company will continue to work closely with our partners to understand diverse consumer needs and respond with simple yet innovative products and services. We utilize our knowledge and experience to strengthen and expand distribution channels and technology solutions in order to better connect with all constituents—consumers, employees, their employers and brokers.”
Jason Mann
Chairman of the Board